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EmSculpt Neo in Salt Lake City, UT

At RO Aesthetics, we’re proud to offer EmSculpt Neo treatments, an innovative, non-surgical solution designed to build muscle and simultaneously reduce fat. With EmSculpt Neo, fat cells are eliminated, and muscle is built in a 30-minute treatment session. This groundbreaking treatment aligns with our commitment to helping our clients achieve a more toned, sculpted body through aesthetic medicine advancements. Get started on your journey to a better physique by booking your appointment online today at RO Aesthetics.

  • $750 for one treatment of two areas simultaneously
  • Four treatments for $2250
Benefits of EmSculpt Neo:
Benefits of Neurotoxins
Neurotoxin treatments at RO Aesthetics offer a non-invasive approach to skin rejuvenation. They block nerve signals in the targeted muscles, causing temporary muscle relaxation and reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles. As a result, your skin appears smoother and more youthful. All our treatments, including Botox, Juveau, Xeomin, Dysport, and Daxxify, are FDA-approved neurotoxins, proven safe and effective in reducing signs of aging.
Key benefits include:

What is EmSculpt Neo?

With EmSculpt Neo, fat cells are eliminated, and muscle is built in a 30-minute treatment session. The result is less fat and muscle in less time and at a reduced cost. You can treat people with a BMI of up to 35 with EmSculpt Neo.

How Does EmSculpt Neo Work?

EmSculpt Neo is a noninvasive treatment that combines radiofrequency heating and the HIFEM procedure to reduce fat and build muscle. The therapy helps eliminate and remove fat cells from the body, causing muscle growth through intense muscle contractions. According to clinical studies, subcutaneous fat is reduced by 30%, and muscle thickness increases by 25% with EmSculpt Neo.

Customize Your Treatments with These Sculpting Essentials

Large Applicator: Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Aesthetic treatments for the abdomen and buttocks have been in high demand among patients. Large EmSculpt Neo applicators target more extensive areas, such as the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. The treatment enhances the treated area’s contour, firmness, and strength.

Edge Applicator: Take the Edge Off

A better solution must address flanks, as this area has multiple fat pockets and muscles. The Edge applicators combine Synchronized RF and HIFEM to address four fat spots on both sides of the abdomen and the oblique muscles for a quick and effective contour.

Small Applicator: Because Not All Muscles Are Created Equal

Bodybuilders and trainers ranked calves as the most difficult muscles to build and tone, while the arm muscles were ranked sixth most difficult. The EmSculpt Neo small applicators are intended to build strength and tone these smaller muscles by inducing supramaximal contractions.

Anticipating the Results of EmSculpt Neo Treatment

After your EmSculpt Neo treatment, you should start noticing results within 4-6 weeks as your body naturally eliminates the destroyed fat. As a result, the fat cells that have been destroyed cannot store or accumulate fat. Our team at RO Aesthetics will give you personalized aftercare instructions to help you get the best results.

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In a 30-minute treatment session, EmSculpt Neo helps to eliminate fat cells and build muscle.

It is suitable for a wide range of patients since it can treat patients with a BMI of 35.

Commonly treated areas include the abdomen, buttocks, flanks, arms, and calves.

The therapy involves intense muscle contractions and warming sensations like a hot stone massage.

The typical protocol involves multiple 30-minute sessions scheduled a few days apart.

Results are typically visible within 4-6 weeks after the treatment.

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